Water tube steam generator


Water tube steam generator ns. model Victoria



Their particular structure with a water-free air gap guarantees a safety and reliability that has found and finds a great consensus among the customers.
These steam generators are recommended for small dyeing industries, for saunas, for heating tanks and for all industrial processes that do not need a large accumulation of steam. (food, laundries, ironing, etc.)
The machines are supplied in a monobloc version, complete with all the accessories for the operation of the electrical panel and , if requested, the burner and the condensate recovery tank.
The boilers are of the pressurized combustion type with a vertical firebox expressly designed to operate on gas and oil.
For combustion, a particular steel hearth is used which allows to improve the heat exchange, to reduce the unburnt products, increasing the overall efficiency.
A tube of water separates the hearth and the concentric plating.
The separation of the steam drops, to reduce the humidity, is obtained through a special labyrinth trap inserted in the boiler.

Our water tube generators are excluded from the application of Decree 329/2004 (periodic visits and all the controls on the site of the plant).

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