Diathermic oil heat generator


Diathermic oil heat generator ns model HOL



The generator works by using a fluid (diathermic oil) which, when the vessel is open, reaches a maximum temperature of 300 ° C. The arrangement gives rise to a monobloc unit, totally pre-assembled, of easy transportability and installation. The operation is totally automatic and self-protected with electronically controlled settings and safety devices.

The main advantage of using diathermic oil is represented by the possibility of having a high temperature fluid.

Our diathermic oil heat generators are characterized by:

  • execution with three smoke turns (both horizontal and vertical)
  • low thermal inertia (related to the reduction of refractory material and the use of ceramic fibers)
  • perfect circulation and speed of the oil in the boiler (guaranteed by the presence of coils with one or more parallel and identical principles)

The main components

The boiler body, formed by a cylindrical shell in carbon steel, containing the heating body, consisting of:

A series of spiral wound tubes forms the oil heating circuit and the combustion chamber. The tube bundles are made of multi-core carbon steel in ASTM A 106 Gr. B
The internal cylindrical part, constituting the combustion chamber, is proportionate for the regular development of the flame; the fumes meet, therefore, the convection beam, they pass in the annular space between the two rows of tubes and return towards the bottom, lapping the one with the largest diameter. The circulation of the oil in the coils takes place in a turbulent regime, in order to avoid any possibility of cracking formation.

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