Hot air generator


Hot air generator SIMATIC HA 800

Hot air generator


TECNOSITER is glad to introduce the latest product in our catalogue: the hot air generator SIMATIC HA 800.

The hot air generator SIMATIC HA 800 is the latest TECNOSITER invention, the normal consequence of the know-how developed during the several decades in which Tecnositer has supplied generators able to satisfy thermal requests in the industrial field.

SIMATIC HA 800 aims to cover one of the most common method for supplying heat in the industry, which was missing in our product line that included – hot water, steam, diathermic oil and now air.

Our generator can provide hot and superheated air, indistinctly.

Its characteristics permits to match the most various heating output requirements. In fact, it is used in the precast concrete, textile and food and beverage industries.

  • The maximum outlet air temperature reaches 200°C and it is feasible with big difference in temperature, around 150°C according to the ambient temperature;
  • Air flow rate until 8.000 m3/h;
  • An adapted pressure head according to necessities.

This allows to set high levels in the hot air generator market.

The unit has a further advantage: the dimensions have been designed to allow its insertion into a container in order to facilitate movement and simultaneously avoiding damage. Furthermore, the possibility of having an external skeleton allows to create a safe environment capable of protecting the machinery from the different operating conditions in which it can be inserted.

The hot air generator is CE marked and built according to the machinery directive. Consequently, the semi-moving and hot parts are protected in order to avoid any accidents. An electrical panel guarantees the correct operation of the machinery and safety interventions to protect the machinery and specialized operators.

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