Superheated water generators


Forced circulation overheated water generator ETA / AS Series

Superheated water generators


The generators of the ETA / AS series are the result of a series of complex and refined studies in the field
of the production of superheated water, according to the principle of forced circulation ad mechanical crossing.
The long experience and the specialization allow us to propose generators definitely efficient and reliable.
The generator is of the forced circulation type and controlled, with three smoke revolutions.
The arrangement gives rise to a monoblock unit, totally pre-assembled, of easy transportability
and installation. The operation is totally automatic and self-protected.
In addition to the typical advantages of forced circulation generators, such as rapid temperature setting,
total safety against the outbreak etc., the ns. ETA / AS generators, the result of many years of experience
distinguish by:


Horizontal or vertical execution, however with three smoke turns


Easy maintenance thanks to the fully opening door for cleaning or extraction of the tube coil

High performance

Our superheated water heat generators are characterized by a high efficiency.


perfect circulation and speed of superheated water in the boiler (guaranteed by the presence of serpentines with one or more parallel and identical principles)


The boiler body, formed by a cylindrical shell in carbon steel, containing the heating body, consisting of: A series of spiral wound tubes forms the heating circuit of the overheated water and the chamber of combustion. The tube bundles are made of multi-core carbon steel in ASTM A 106 Gr. B

The internal cylindrical part, constituting the combustion chamber, is proportionate for the regulation flame development; the fumes meet, therefore, the convection beam, they pass in the annular space between two rows of tubes and return towards the bottom, lapping the one with a larger diameter.

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